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Singapore Visa for Canada



Singapore Visa for Canada

Canada Visa | Category: Travel Blog | Date Posted: 18 March 2020


Singapore Visa for Canada

One of our aspirations might be to obtain a Canada visa and visit the country. People have been observed going to great lengths to get a Canada visa in Singapore, whether for a transitory, business, or tourist visa.


How should I be ready to apply for a Canada visa in Singapore for travel or to see friends or family?

Here, we've included a checklist and an in-depth walkthrough of Singapore's Canada visa application procedure.


What are the visa requirements for a Singapore visa from Canada?

To avoid having their application refused, applicants should have all necessary papers ready before applying for a visa to Canada in Singapore. The paperwork needed to apply for a permit to Canada is provided below.

1. The original passport, including the current and all previous passports

2. A single image with a white background

3. A letter of employment with a short expiration date

4. The most recent six-month bank statement

5. Purchasing a ticket to Canada

6. Hotel Reservation in Canada

Proof of financial statements, such as IRAS statements for the current or prior year, fixed deposits, home country bank statements, and CPF statements


How can I obtain a visa for Canada in Singapore?

Candidates must prepare the checklist following the Visa checklist. Once all of the required paperwork is in place, the applicant can come to our office at Sim Lim Tower, Unit 03-44, to have all of the paperwork checked. The IVC Visa Team will process the visa, which will then be submitted to the Canadian Embassy in Singapore. Thumbprint biometric registration is necessary, and IVC Services will schedule the appointment at the applicant's convenience. Once the visa has been granted, the passport must be presented for visa stamping. The applicant may pick up their ticket when it has been stamped.


How long does it take to get a Canada visa in Singapore?

Usually, the Canada visa is processed by the Canadian Embassy in Singapore in 20 to 25 working days. There are situations, nonetheless, where the processing period for a Visa takes more than 35 working days. The passports won't be held up while your Singapore visa is processed. Application for a permit should be made well before the intended trip. It should be mentioned that Singapore does not offer an express service for processing visas for Canada.

If you need assistance and have last-minute travel arrangements to Canada, contact IVC Services at +65 85959508.


Is a Singapore visa interview necessary for Canada?

For most nationalities, a visa interview is not necessary during the visa application procedure in Singapore. However, in highly unusual circumstances, the Canadian Embassy in Singapore could contact the applicant for an interview. Interviews are conducted at Canada Immigration's exclusive discretion.


How long does it take to obtain a visa following Canada biometrics?

It takes one working day for the data from the biometric registration to appear in the Canada Immigration System once 

The applicant has finished it for their visa application.

The processing period will, after that, take between 5 and 7 business days. The applicant will be informed of the Canada Visa status if the application is granted or denied. The applicant must present their original passport for stamping with the Canada visa after receiving news of the approval. After submission, receiving the Canada visa stamp would take 5–7 working days.


Why do Canadian visas be denied?

Most visa applications are denied because the applicants are unaware of the criteria and don't comprehend that the supporting documentation must satisfy Canadian immigration standards. For example, the applicant must ensure that the documentation they provide demonstrates that they will depart from Canada within the time allowed by their visa, are financially secure, won't overstay their ticket, and won't engage in any activities related to job searching.

IVC Services Singapore will assist you in filing an appeal for a Canada visa if you applied for one in Singapore, but it was denied. However, the application for a request will only be accepted when the papers have been verified.

The applicant can check on a Canada visa for further details on the document checklist. Singapore

Alternatively, the applicant may email IVC Services at info@ivc-services.com.

You can also call IVC Services at (855) 9595-08 or (6904-8508).