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Documents required for a UAE Visa

Documents required for a UAE Visa

One of the first things you should do before applying for a visa is to find out what documents are necessary. It is only logical to do so since it creates a unified design from start to finish. When applying for a visa to the UAE, you must follow the same steps. However, the restrictions you must meet may differ depending on whether you utilize it online or at a consulate. Furthermore, keep in mind that internet information should only be used for study reasons. Assume you plan to submit your application to the nearest United Arab Emirates embassy. In that situation, you should call the embassy to find out what is needed for a successful application.

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These are the documents required when applying for a visa to the United Arab Emirates online.

Minimal documentation is necessary when applying for a UAE visa with IVC Services. However, you will need a few papers that you may already have or may obtain fast. A thorough list of them is provided below.

  • Passport - All visitors must have valid access for at least six months after entering the UAE. The document must be renewed if it expires before that date. The visa will not be given if you do not present a passport with the requisite validity. It is recommended that you collaborate.
  • A passport scan in JPEG format is required. You must upload it after completing the online application process.
  • The photograph must meet the requirements for a passport photo. Make sure the picture is taken against a white background and that you look squarely at the camera. Wear no glasses and no headgear unless religiously required.
  • A legitimate email address to which IVC Services can send your documents. You must print it before leaving.
  • Another need is the accepted payment method. IVC Services accepts credit/debit cards and PayPal as payment options. The application form is the final prerequisite. You must fill out and submit the form. The state is simple, and you should be able to finish it within 15 minutes.

It is crucial to understand that minors accompanying you to Dubai will be denied entry. You must apply for a visa for each of them. If you are traveling with a child, you must also include the following:

  • A copy of the child's passport.
  • A photograph of the youngster.
  • An English or Arabic birth certificate.

If the document has to be translated, it must be done by a certified translator. IVC Services will only accept certified translations.

As you can see, the documents required for a UAE visa are standard. Many of the items on the list are already in your possession. You merely need to put them together and apply for your visa. Apply Immediately