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Singaporean Embassy for India

Singaporean Embassy for India

Incredible India | India Visa | Date: February 20, 2020


Indian Embassy Singapore (HCI Singapore), also known as the High Commission of India, is situated at 31 Grange Road in Singapore, 239702. For fellow Indians who live and are in Singapore, the Indian Mission provides a comprehensive range of passport and consular services. Singaporeans and international nationals who reside in Singapore can get an Indian visa and an OCI Card through the Indian Embassy Singapore (HCI Singapore).

The High Commission of India in Singapore further provides several expanded welfare services for Indian citizens. Problems or challenges relating to labor, compensation, employment, or legal concerns make up a small portion of these supplied social services. In addition, the Indian Embassy in Singapore provides a resource for Indian nationals who need aid or guidance with any problems they may be experiencing there (HCI Singapore).

Indian Embassy Singapore provides passport services, including new passport applications, renewals, and amending or modifying passport information (HCI Singapore). In addition, candidates might choose to apply for Tatkal service or Normal service.

Indian citizens residing in Singapore can apply to the Indian Embassy in Singapore for services such as obtaining a birth certificate, marriage certificate, police clearance certificate, NRI certificate, driving license confirmation letter, power of attorney, and document attestation (HCI Singapore).

HCI Singapore processes Indian visa applications. The Indian Embassy in Singapore issues various visas for employment, entry, students, business, journalists, transit, research, conferences, tourists, and medical visitors (HCI Singapore).

Indian Embassy Singapore provides the Indian OCI Card service (HCI Singapore). Indian Embassy Singapore is the place to go to apply for an OCI Card whether you're a Singaporean or a foreign national living there (HCI Singapore). Anyone of Indian descent, including those with Indian-born parents or grandparents, is eligible to apply for an OCI card.

For a couple looking to adopt children, the Indian Embassy in Singapore (HCI Singapore) also offers the service of issuing a Letter of Adoption (LOA). Residents of India must adopt a child from India or any other nation that has accepted the 1993 Hague Convention on Inter-Country Adoption.

When adopting a foreign nationality, the Indian Embassy Singapore (HCI Singapore) offers the service of canceling Indian citizenship. Indian citizens who have acquired a foreign passport and ethnicity, including minors, shall not maintain their Indian citizenship. They must renounce their Indian citizenship, relinquish their Indian passport, and get an Indian Renunciation Certificate from the Indian Embassy in Singapore (HCI Singapore). The Indian nationality cannot be taken back after it has been renounced. As a result, applicants should exercise caution when submitting their citizenship cancellation application to the Indian Embassy in Singapore (HCI Singapore).

Indian Embassy Singapore can be contacted by Indian nationals who require consular help or any other type of welfare-related assistance (HCI Singapore). The hours of operation for visiting the Indian Embassy in Singapore (HCI Singapore) are from Monday through Friday from 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM. On all Saturdays and Sundays, as well as the list of holidays they observe, the Indian Embassy in Singapore (HCI Singapore) is closed.

Somerset MRT and Orchard MRT are the nearest MRT stations to the Indian Embassy Singapore (HCI Singapore).

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