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Visa recommendations when visiting Malaysia.

Visa recommendations when visiting Malaysia.

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Malaysia is a lovely country with a long and dramatic history.

There is no end to the cultural diversity that may be discovered in Malaysia, with evidence of human settlement on the islands dating back over 40,000 years.

These tourist attractions are now easily accessible thanks to IVC Services Malaysia visa online web service. Even segments of Malaysia's government recognize the potential benefits of drawing more foreign tourists. As a result, in 2015, a program for electronic visas was designed and deployed in January 2016.

These efforts attempt to make it easier for more tourists, notably affluent Chinese groups, to visit the country and spend money on the local economy.

There is no shortage of reasons for travelers to visit Malaysia, whether to explore the gorgeous natural places, such as the rugged limestone peaks of Mount API or to marvel at the urban phenomenon of contemporary Kuala Lumpur.




Despite the new automated system, it is still difficult for Chinese visitors to get a Malaysian visa. Wee Choo Keong, the chairman of Tourism Malaysia, stated two weeks after the system's launch that the service was extraordinarily cumbersome and requested changes to make the procedure more convenient.

In contrast to other streamlined and efficient electronic visa systems, Malaysia's current system requires tourists to enter information about their return flight and where they will be staying. This complicates the procedure since it limits how long tourists may stay in Malaysia. Furthermore, passengers must send in their passports and pay for their return, which can cause substantial issues. Rather than speeding up the visa application process, several passengers find the new electronic technique more difficult and time-consuming than the in-person application.

Placing one's passport in the hands of a foreign government and its couriers may be a fatal flaw in the system due to the possibility of delays or information loss. With no changes to the required fees and no sign that the system has become more welcoming to Chinese travelers, obtaining an electronic Malaysia visa for Chinese people may not be any easier than applying in person.

It remains to be seen if the e-visa system will be changed to be more tourist-friendly, as government officials have urged.